Holistic Facial

What’s involved: after an initial consultation you will experience:

  •  a superficial cleanse
  • a deep facial cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • relaxing facial mask
  • massage to upper chest, shoulders, neck and face

I use Neal’s Yard products.  These are natural and organic, benefitting your skin as well as the environment.  I offer a Rebalancing Facial and an Hydrating Facial.  The facial will be tailored to the needs of your skin.

Neal’s Yard Rebalancing Facial may use the following natural & organic products:

White Tea Facial Mist, Calendula Cleanser, Palmarosa Facial Polish, Rose Toner, Palmarosa Purifying Mask, Rose Facial Oil, White Tea Toning Eye Gel, Palmarosa Daily Moisture.

Neal’s Yard Hydrating Facial may use the following natural & organic products:

White Tea Facial Mist, Calendula Cleanser, Rose Facial Polish, Rose Toner, Rose Anti Oxidant Mask, Orange Flower Oil, White Tea Toning Eye Gel, Frankincense Hydrating Cream.


An Holistic Facial can help to:

  • improve the texture & appearance of the skin
  • increase circulation bringing fresh nutrients & oxygen
  • boost cellular activity thus rejuvenating the skin
  • relax tense & contracted muscles
  • increase lymphatic flow , aiding removal of waste products & toxins
  • stimulate & soothe nerve endings
  • promote deep relaxation

Holistic Facial sessions last an hour (or you can book in for an express 30 minutes!).  It is advised that make-up is not worn to the appointment.  You will be asked to remove your jewellery before the facial.

Aftercare advice:

After your facial you may experience redness, this is normal due to dilation of the blood capillaries and will subside.  Spots can occur due to toxins being released.


You and your skin will benefit from the following:

  • Drink lots of water daily – guidelines recommend around 1.5 litres a day.
  • Eat a diet rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Cut down on sugar ( sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin)
  • Allow 8 hours before applying make up after your facial
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Don’t smoke
  • Apply sun protection –  *do not sunbathe or go on a sunbed after your facial*
  • Clean & change your make up brushes regularly

Relax, enjoy and be pampered!

For more information & to make an appointment call me:

Sara Slater   01874 824604 / 07986 555275  therapies@saraslaterbowen.com


Sara Slater Holistic Therapies, Ormiston, East Lothian, EH35 5LR