Thermal – Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)

Thermal Auricular Therapy, often known as Ear Candling is a popular therapy that has been used to ease a wide range of symptoms.  It is also a very relaxing treatment.

The session starts by finding out a bit about you and any symptoms you may have. After this you will lie on the therapy couch, fully clothed, under blankets ready for a short massage on the face – this aims to relax muscles, stimulate circulation & drain sinus’.  The ear candle is lit once you are lying on your side.  As the flame burns down, you will have a scalp massage to further aid relaxation.  Once both sides are complete the session finishes with another mini facial massage.   A wonderful way to relax & re-energise!

The lit flame of the ear candle creates a chimney effect and gentle vibrations are sent through the ear canal.  This can help to balance pressures in the ear which may be causing unpleasant symptoms.

The ear candles are actually hollow tubes made from natural fibres (e.g cotton) hardened with natural beeswax.

Ear Candling is suitable for children as well as adults – child specific candles are used.

Some examples of conditions that candles have been used for include:

  • Discomfort from compacted/excessive earwax
  • Pressure regulation in cases of : sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches & migraines
  • Pain in the ears from frequent or long haul flights
  • Pain in the ear after swimming
  • Noises in the ear – ringing, tinnitus
  • Stress

Ear candling is not a replacement for medical care but can work alongside it in a therapeutic manner.  If in doubt see your GP first.

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