Women’s Health

This is an area of particular interest to me…….

Our bodies are amazing, they have incredible qualities and abilities.  The female form astounds in what it can naturally achieve – puberty, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and menopause to list just a few!  Our body, and all that makes it what it is, enables us to participate in and enjoy life…….that is until things become unbalanced.  It is when something is out of balance, e.g. our hormones, that we run into problems.  Hormones are natural chemicals, they have an important and essential role in the changes that take place in your body over your lifetime.  Small changes in our bodies can have a big impact on our health, well-being and happiness.  For example; period pain, PMT, mood swings, menopausal symptoms, infertility.Sara Slater

Bowen is gentle and therapeutic.  The Hormonal Release workshop I attended in August 2103 was aimed at the symptoms associated with the above issues.

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